Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I mentioned yesterday that I am working at church.
I am giving 2 full days each week.
We had a flood and while the restoration goes on, we are doing some updating as well.

The plan started as fresh paint to go with new carpet
(a putty color and a khaki color),
but the plan has blossomed.
The pews are getting a makeover.
They were stained with a blue/green wash,
but we are stripping them down and restaining with a dark stain to match the trim of the church.
You can see the green stain on the pews and pulpit furniture.
They will now be closer to the dark on the choir rail.

Today, I am cleaning at home.
Finishing plans on the St. Patrick's Day celebration.
MOWING for the first time of the season!
Hopefully, tidying in the shed.

Have a great day!

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