Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Power of Music

On this Thankful Thursday,
I am thankful for the power of music.

Right now, I am listening to "There's Not a Friend Like the Lowly Jesus."
I also just put together a binder of printed music that I bought as a download online.
I look forward to practicing and sharing each piece.
Offertories, preludes, funerals, ...

The power to focus one's thoughts.
The power to soothe and calm.
The power to change attitudes.
The power to cheer.
The power to clear wrong thoughts.

I am thankful for the change that God has brought to my music over the years.
I am thankful for the beauty and power of Godly music.

Many of you enjoyed the arrangement of "Abide With Me" on Tuesday.
Here is the arrangement that I played around Valentine's Day - again by the composer:

"The Love of God"

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