Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Afraid to Dream ... Afraid to Try

Are you disillusioned?
Has society warped your view of love, marriage, home, and family?

I know that no human is perfect.
I understand the sin nature.
Yet - 
I sure long to dream about perfection,
to set my heart and mind to try to reach it.

Does it seem like society often gives up on perfection?
That it is viewed not only as unattainable, but not worth dreaming about?

I try to be perfect (of course I fail).
I dream about a perfect marriage (it's a great one, but not perfect). 
I long for perfect children.

Sure, I know that it is impossible,
but why not try.
We often give up, because it is guaranteed to be hard work.

During rough evaluations as a young teacher,
I was often instructed to envision the perfect lessons, the perfect classroom.
I would then be asked to plan how I would make these dreams a reality.
I had to expect perfection if I was to even get close to it.
It is the old adage that "if you shoot at nothing, you are destined to hit it."

So make a plan.
Plan to strengthen your marriage.
Plan to help your children succeed.
Plan to grow spiritually.
And follow the plan.

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