Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Home Again!

It is good to be home again.

We took a week and made the trek to NY to see family.
The drive was beautiful through WV, VA, PA, and NY.
We were able to visit with my parents, my grandparents, and one sibling (and family).

It was a pleasant trip and we were able to stay healthy through it all.
We missed the snow by only 4 days!

On our way home,
we did stop in Asheboro to go to the zoo.
The otters were being a little ornery.
We passed them at 10:30 ... sleeping.
We passed them at 1:30 ... sleeping.
On our last try ... we found one awake and in time the other joined in the fun.
They were such a delight.

We enjoyed the time away,
the change of pace,
a little extra rest,
the time with family ...

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