Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Clearer Vision

Part of the "reboot" mentioned last week
is looking for new ways to minister.

When my vision started to fail at the beginning of the year,
I did live with the frustration of not being able to see my books or my piano music,
I went and got new glasses.
It only makes sense to want to see.

One of my struggles in life is the superficiality of women in the church.
Now I know that was an unfair blanket statement,
but it seems like usually the women are talking about shopping and children
while the men talk about Spiritual things.
I asked myself why?  Why was I so slow to bring up spiritual things.

While I had a heart for the people that I was ministering to,
I had not truly developed a vision - a goal and a plan to meet that goal.

I have plans next week with two young ladies.
Plans to grow together, to provide accountability, and to share in ministry.
Plans to be specific in talking about spiritual things with a desire to make it "normal."
I am excited to see what happens with it.

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