Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Divided Celebration

Since our 12th Anniversary fell on a Sunday - 
and a busy Sunday at that - 
we divided our celebration between Saturday and Monday.

Both days started with a sleep-in ... woo-hoo 8:00!
Followed by a workout.
Followed by Bible reading.

Saturday we went to Charlotte's farmer's market,
and Chipotle for dinner.

Monday we went to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
and PFChangs for dinner.

Relaxing Days - enjoying each other and thanking God for each year, each experience, and growth shared.

Pictures taken at the Gardens - we are a little disheveled because it was a VERY HOT day!


  1. These pictures are fabulous! You both look great! Do you want to plan a trip to Poughkeepsie some day?? :)

    1. I think our next trip is out west - we haven't seen hubby's family since we left in 2008!

  2. I don't know if "A Divided Celebration" is a good title for an anniversary celebration. I guess it is better than "separated celebrations," but not as good as "An Extended Celebration." Glad you had an enjoyable time.