Saturday, August 9, 2014


I am a snacker ... a grazer ... a muncher ...
probably the biggest reason that I have to workout so much
and that I struggle with fluctuating weight.

I have changed my snacks greatly ...
more fruit, crackers, cheese ...
hopefully stuff with some nutritional value.
Less chips, candy, ...

While perusing a magazine this morning,
I saw a code for a free "Graze" box.
Healthy snacks.
I have no idea how big or small it will be,
but they did allow me to opt out of anything that had gluten, or dairy, or spicy ...

Would you like a free box.
Sign up using this code and get a free box - 
they will require a credit card for your "next" box - 
but if you are like me, you will opt out by that point.
They said that opt out was available online which is another plus.

If three people sign up with my code ...
I get another free box :)

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