Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ooh, Fungus!

It seems odd to me,
but my hubby likes mushrooms.
Fungus - really?

I do cook with mushrooms occasionally, but not as often as he might like.
Last week, an e-meal came up that included bacon-mushroom balls.
The idea was a meatball with bacon and mushrooms sauteed in diced tomatoes.
I couldn't skip it knowing how hubby would enjoy it,
but ...
I could tweak it.

Gourmet hamburgers anyone?

I took a pound of ground beef.
Added crumbles of 5 cooked pieces of bacon.
Added 8 oz of finely diced mushrooms.
Added desired seasonings - I used Worcestershire sauce and Italian Seasoning.
Mixed together.
Shaped into 4 patties.

I don't like mushrooms,
but these burgers were phenomenal.
Steakhouse quality, I guarantee.

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