Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If you give this wife a paint brush ...

One of the favorite books when I was teaching was 
"If you Give a Mouse a Cookie"

Basically the story is a large circle.
The mouse needs milk,
he spills,
he cleans it up,
he cleans the whole house,
he ...
until he is hungry again and needs another cookie.

I must say,
when I get a paint brush and start changing things ...
it just builds and builds and builds.

The bedroom is almost done.
It was a little delayed by the need to help hubby with a clutch job on his work truck.

Wanna peek?

Lighter bedding.
 Repurposed throw pillows that I had covered in brown before.
Side table painted white.
Bed scarf sewn to protect whte bedding from things "thrown" on it.
Small side wall was brown before.

Instead of verse directly on the wall, we put a new verse on a project board.

Sheer curtains for light and privacy.
Hubby fixed the closet door so that it now stays closed.
We painted all the doors and trims and put in new knobs (bye-bye brass).

The little wall here was brown before.
Now it has our wedding samplers and pictures.
Frames painted white and pictures rematted all in white.

Close-up of wedding tributes.

The room was repainted the same color as before (a celery) but I went with satin instead of semi-gloss.
The only thing that is not finished is the vanity in the master bath.
It will be white (hopefully next week).

I have been working on trims and doors in the back rooms as well this week.
Come March, the main living area will get painted grey.
Still making decisions about the kitchen cabinets and counters.

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