Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Not a furbaby ... but ...

You all know them,
childless couples whose pets become their children.

No, we have not adopted a dog, cat, fish, or bird ...
but I fear that I have a "house baby."

Yes, I love remaking my house.
It takes time and resources,
but it seems to fill the void for a little while.

We began redecorating our bedroom at the beginning of January.
New duvet and cover.
New memory foam on the mattress.
New curtains.
I am using some pillowcases embroidered by
my great grandmother and finished by my grandmother because they finally match the decor. 
(I am actually using them as shams because they are so special).

This week I am repainting doors and walls
and working on a special wall hanging.

In the past, the room was inspired by Cabelas - 
woodland, pine cones.

Now, a much lighter look.
Keep watching for next weeks Tuesday Transformation
for a glimpse of the crazy lady's "house baby."

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