Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Writing with Hubby

Yes, it has been 3 months since the last post.
3 months where I just needed to step back.
An extra hour of sleep each morning.
A change in workout plans.
Increased stress at hubby's work and other responsibilities that sapped of energy and creativity.

And so,  I had to step away from writing for a bit.

But this week ...
we are on STAYCATION.

We began yesterday,
though it was far from a normal vacation.
We had the church family over for a picnic.
It ended as our picnics typically do ...
a mad dash to "clean up" outside before the storm hit.

BUT ... we made it about 4 hours ...
and the incoming storm brought a pleasant breeze MOST of the time :)

Then last evening, we finished a quick turnover of the prophet's chamber
for some guests coming in on Thursday.

The rest of the week is slow mornings,
long Bible studies,
time to talk, think, and pray together,
and, because it is vacation, one meal free of cooking.
We will even sneak in some home projects (shed repair)
and some work to repair a trellis for an upcoming wedding.

You know that I have long sought to develop a home that we hate to leave,
a home that invites us to enjoy it ...
it is our favorite hotel and our favorite getaway.
The bed is comfy, no forgotten essentials,
no demands on time,
no fear of being "glutened."

I return to the blog on Woman's Work Wednesday.
During my hiatus from writing,
I have been thinking much about "heart."
When hubby preaches,
he always draws out principles,
not just rules and laws (though they have their place),
but heart.  
Why did God give the law?
What is the heart behind it?
Am I seeking to fulfill the heart of the law and not just the letter of the law?

I seek to practice being a "keeper at home."
It seems easy to keep the "letter" of the law.
It is easy to stay home.
It is easy to not work outside of the home.
...but what about the principle, the heart?

Am I a guard of my home?

Am I guarding health?
Am I planning healthful meals or surviving on meals out and convenience food?
Do I provide oppotunities for movement and strength-building?
Do I stress healthy habits and activities? 

Am I guarding entertainment?
Do I provide activites that encourage godly behavior and principles?
Do I default to mindless amusements?

Am I guarding minds?
What am I teaching and sharing in my home?
What do I value and emphasize?  the eternal?  the temporal?
Do I take the "bad guy" stance and take disapproval of others if it means protecting my family?
Are we all learning valuable things together?

Am I guarding temperments?
Do I create peace or drama?
Do I feed anger or diffuse it?

Am I guarding the time of my hubby?
Do I do all I can while at home, so he has more time?
Do I create time for each other?
Do I value the work he does each day and his responsibilities above my own?

It has been a challenge for me and I hope it will be for you today.
Don't seek victory in merely the letter of the law ...
seek to get to the heart of the matter.

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