Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Won!?!

It is the nature of humans, I guess. 
There is that desire to win.
I am on a number of money saving email lists
and often enter to win free prizes.
The pool must be huge, and the wins are few and far between.
I did win a wallet once, but it never came :(

For the past month, I have been researching for a new exercise program.
I love what I do now which includes 
aerobics, strength training, circuit training,
kick boxing, pilates, walking ...
I love variety.

One new plan was one I had never heard of ... T-Tapp.
The reviews looked outstanding.
I was thrilled that the exercises were billed as helping to balance hormones.
I was thrilled that the basic program only took 15 minutes - 
- so I could keep doing the other exercises that I loved.
The plan is bodyweight only so it can go ANYWHERE!

While I researched, I found an entry form to win a T-Tapp DVD.
While I was away for the holidays, I received a confirmation email that I had won.
I won a DVD and then 50% off another DVD if I so chose.

I ordered my DVDs yesterday and look forward to starting in the New Year.

I'll report back in February and let you know how it goes!


  1. Yeah! I have seen a number of people in a health and exercise group I am a member of that do T-Tapp regularly and enjoy it. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

    1. I have a knee that is not as bad as yours, but a nuisance none the less - I will let you know if it helps - it is supposed to be as gentle as rehab and retrain the body!