Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"No" Might Mean "I Know Better"

I spent much of last week frustrated.
I was looking for a window that did not exist.

We bought the house with one window pane broken - 
not enough to not use the window,
but not exactly picture perfect.

Then the adults got hold of the water balloons at the picnic last week,
and another window joined the "broken club."
This one was not a "put off until tomorrow" type of broken.

It appeared as if and we were just "certain" that the whole window had to be replaced.
I called, I measured, I searched.
It seems that our home did not have the traditional size mobile home windows.
It was going to need to be customed made,
take 6 weeks,
and require heavy shipping costs.

I was very sad ...
I have company coming and had a black plastic bag covering my dining room window!

In one last effort I tried a new google search ...
a how to search ...
it was possible to remove the pane alone!
Hubby got it out last night,
and the new one goes in tonight (before the company arrives).
And now we know what to do with the broken kitchen window!

I was frustrated ... very frustrated ...
but God said "no" to save me money, time, and more hassle!

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