Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Small Change - Happy Wife

It has been awhile since I posted a Tuesday Transformation,
but I hope to have many exterior transformations to share with you this summer.

A few weekends ago,
we made a small change that cheered both of us.

In the master bath,
there is a shower stall.
When we moved in,
the stall had a door on it.
I knew that it would not be my favorite.
Doors hold mold, mildew ...
they hide crud ...
they drip on the floor.

I asked hubby if we could remove the door and put up a shower curtain.

You can see the shower door through the open doorway.
It is hard to take a picture in the tiny bathroom -
but hopefully you get the idea!
We did and we are thrilled.

I was also excited to find a shower curtain that would match the "theme" of the room.
 I was also excited that I had lined the curtains that I had made.
I just turned the curtains around and voila - they match!
No more hiding mold.
No more drippy floor.
Love It!

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