Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shabby Chic? Distressed?

Last week, my folks came for a visit.
To keep us busy,
hubby asked us to repair the front door.

The door?
It had been painted numerous times.
As we figure it,
there was once a laminate on the door.
It ripped in the middle.
It was hard to strip all of the laminate,
so someone painted the door as it was.
This left ridges ... and just YUCK!
Then there was the rust ...
probably from painting under humid conditions,
or from not repairing the holes and "dings" first,
or from using the wrong paint ...

Of course,
we don't know for sure.
Oh, if only the door could talk!
Was it once a green door?
Did it start on this trailer ...
... or was it a replacement door?

I do know ... the door needed refinishing.

So dad came with my brother's palm sander and we set to work Friday morning.

The palm sander was not the answer that we thought it would be
(but my brother saved us the cost of a palm sander to find that out) ...
but, dad thought a razor would work!
It did ...
... on the bare metal.

That left the outsides with the paint-covered, laminate-type coating.
For this we used a gel paint stripper.

After 2 trips to town and about 6 hours of work,
 the paint was all gone!

Such a pretty door ... Right?
Mayber it is trendy? Shabby Chic?  Distressed?

We had the ugly door for over a week.
Then I repaired the holes,
and finally painted.
What an improvement!

Once again ... a breath of fresh air ...
a more welcoming entrance ...
makes me want to hit the back door as well!
...all in good time.

I finished the transformation with vinyl letters that were sent free with my order of Psalm 91:2.

Saturday we did a big Lowe's shopping trip.
Trim for the bottom of the trailer,
new vinyl gutters,
and wood to repair the front deck ...
Stay Tuned!

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