Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Change of Title

I frequently take online surveys to earn extra spending money.
I typically use the funds for Amazon orders - household paper goods, health foods ...
Right now I am saving for a high power blender - 
one that can make nut butters, ice cream out of frozen bananas, 
smoothies out of whole fruits and veggies.

On the surveys,
I am typically asked my employment status.
Typically my closest choice is "stay-at-home parent."
Recently I have seen a change.
This week I have seen "manager of the home."
I like that.
I know it is mind games,
but it seems to give my work an element of seriousness,
it makes me want to manage more,
it makes me want to act appropriately in my field.

It is similar to the word in the Bible - "keeper of the home."
Stick with it - be the best you can be.

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