Tuesday, June 30, 2015


So last week I was experimenting with squash bug killer.
I have sprayed 3 times and am satisfied with the results - 
less eggs and no huge infestations (yet).

I am harvesting pumpkins and am excited to put some in the freezer this weekend.
I also have a lot of spaghetti squash ripening.

Now we are working on another pest - bunnies.

I removed one early in the season ...
hubby got another one shortly thereafter ...
but it appears that a litter was left in the garden before the big bunnies were taken care of...
because this week we have removed 3 young rabbits.
I saw another bouncing around this afternoon,
but didn't get to it fast enough.

Supposedly my bug spray should deter them, 
buy I am not convinced ...
I sure hope it was a small litter that was left in the garden.

I am going to try to clean out a little tomorrow - dead leaves, weeds, etc.
 in hopes of removing some hiding places...
this gardening is hard work!

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