Monday, June 22, 2015

Missing the Blogosphere

If you are a regular and are actually curious about my day to day life,
I apologize for the lack of newsy posts - or posts at all.
I have had some continued work at church, some entertaining, and some draining heat.
The less processed meals are getting easier, but they still take more time in each day.

We did break from the plan no Sunday.
I made (or rather hubby grilled) some awesome burgers.
I stick some plain greek yogurt (sour cream would work too) and dried parsley
in the raw beef and they turn out great.
I also tried a knock off of the slaw at Zoe's Kitchen.
It is a basic vinegar slaw ... but it has Feta in it.  
We LOVE Feta!
I also made some Zoe's Braised white beans.
They were good too.

This week I have planned to make some peanut butter fudge (with maple syrup)
and either banana or apple cinnamon macaroons (no sugar) for treats.
Maybe one of the recipes will be the subject for next Monday.
This Week's Menu Plan:
Sunday:  Hamburgers
Monday: Chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, peas
Tuesday: Black bean soup, sweet potato hash browns with eggs
Wednesday: Feta and Spinach Pork Chop, squash and broccoli
Thursday:  Grilled Chicken, broccoli, sweet potato
Friday:  Veggie Fried Rice
Saturday: Chicken Fajita

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  1. I did notice your absence and was praying that it was not because of illness or other calamities! Glad you are back!