Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Unrealistic Comparisons

Do you struggle with comparisons?
I do to some extent.
It is not usually the material possessions ...
it may be family ...
it may be vacations ...
it may be experiences ...
it may be ministries ...

Comparisons are dangerous.

Earlier in the year, I was struggling because it did not seem like 
I was accomplishing as much as other women around me.
But I wasn't seeing things clearly ...
I finally realized that many people my age are at a different point in their lives.
They may have children that limit some activities and they may have added help for their work.
I may take on some extra tasks because I don't have little ones at home.
I also don't have extra hands to sort or fold laundry, 
to prep dinner, to unload the car, or to do yard work.
My comparison to those around me was ridiculous.

In the last two weeks, I have been realizing that the Internet and social media
also make unrealistic comparisons a regular threat.
I blog ... and so do millions of others.
The problem is that it is more typical to twitter, facebook, or blog the fun times
than the struggles and more difficult times.
I see all the highlights ... all the times when a boyfriend/spouse did just the right thing ...
all the cute children antics ... and on and on and on,
but I may not see the bills, the arguments, the rebellion ... etc.

So I remind myself ... and maybe you as well ...
I only have to live my life and follow the plan God has for me.
There are different seasons in life.
Perhaps you are going through a tough time now,
hold on ... you are only seeing a small piece of your life right now.
As you read this blog, remember that every life has ups and downs ...
I try to share more ups than downs ... but the downs do exist for everyone.


  1. Finally...a challenge from reality rather than a fairy tale from Never Neverland. Give me honesty any day.

  2. Amen to this one sister - contemplating this very idea myself recently.

    1. The comparisons are all over the place - work, home, church, society ... but we are all different ... and therefore have to make different choices with our time.