Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bathroom Remodel

Here is the bathroom as we met it two summers ago.
The linoleum was not glued down.
The linoleum was a tribute to the 80's -
country blue and rose on a cream (or dirt) background!

Same linoleum floor - but now with striped walls.

The stripes did not enhance the tile floor - so in comes the new paint.
Coastal Villa
Looks a bit more sophisticated.

Groutable peel and stick tiles - Just LOVE it!
Especially love that the vent no longer moves around
and there is no linoleum peeling up around it.

Today I am patching some spots in the ceiling that are flaking off.
I hope that when I scrape it back, the whole ceiling doesn't come down :)

Next large renovation ... back porch.

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