Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Two Become One

It is the summer wedding season.
Around a Christian college, relationships are often on the mind.

One common phrase in the wedding is "two become one."

I have thought about this much this week.
My parents celebrate their 46th anniversary this weekend,
and they have had to unite together in a very difficult situation recently.
I am thankful for that unity.

In our home, we have sought to present that unity.
We are one.
We seek to make decisions together.
We uphold one another.
We encourage each other.
Have we done it perfectly? Of course not.
... but it is a worthy goal.

How does it show itself?
Two Examples:
Hubby makes decisions to protect my health and well-being.
He plays the "bad guy" if necessary to preserve my sanity.
I seek to protect his expected dinner hour -
it is rare when we are not sitting down at 5:30 for dinner
and seek to keep a few evenings free each week for his writing and studying.
We talk to each other before making plans (most of the time).
We are one.

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