Wednesday, July 15, 2015

But Why?

Hubby and I recently made comment that we were encouraged by a certain couple.
The couple showed interest,
they looked for things to praise,
they admonished to better behavior.
We want to be like that.

One effort we are trying to make is to improve relationships.
I think one aspect of that is answering "Why?"

It is easy to say, "I love you!"
"I appreciate you."

But Why?

We have been practicing at home
and will try to carry it over with others.
Typically, I try to do this in Christmas cards, birthday cards, ...
but there are many missed opportunities.

I love you because ...

... you encourage me. support me.
... you work hard.
... you make time for me.
... you pray for me.

I appreciate you because ...

Seeking not just the superficial, but to encourage character,
to make known what encourages us,
to build healthier relationships.

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