Monday, August 24, 2015

Changing Body Chemistry

I have mentioned that we have undergone another eating change.
It seems that I just get one style down and there is something more to learn.
Perhaps to many it seems fickle.
To some we may seem extreme.
This is more of a "clean eating" than anything else
and fully complements the dairy free and gluten free diets that we have already embraced.

Many years ago, I sought a definite/strict plan to lose weight.
Food is a difficulty for me.
Self-discipline in this area is hard.
There definitely is comfort in food.
It fills quiet hours.
I had great success with the first plan.
It let me choose between 1200, 1400, and 1600 calories.
It set out what I needed to eat at each meal and even for snacks and treats.
I modified some for hubby so we could still eat breakfast and dinner together.

When I began searching again,
I found an eating plan that offered plans at my calorie level as well as for hubby.
I bought the plan for $10.
Hubby agreed to give it a try.  He loves to encourage me in any way that he can.
After I looked at it, I thought that it would be short lived - 
there was no way that hubby could eat all those apples, oranges, and bananas - 
he was highly allergic.

But we tried it.
1 day,
2 days,
3 days ...
now after 3 months ...
it is stuck.

We have known that a body could be acidic.
We knew the effects of coffee ... and sought to avoid it ...
but by limiting processed food and most red meats ...
hubby can now eat fruit as he often longed too.
The processed meats (a daily staple in his lunch box),
the overdose of sugar (we both have a strong sweet tooth),
and the glut of crackers and snacky snacks were no the best for us.
I have left most of my herb supplements behind
and hope that they are a thing of the past.

While the diet may not work for everyone,
while we still enjoy an occasional DD iced latte or DQ moolatte,
we just like feeling really GOOD!
I am excited to see how hubby's seasonal allergies will be come March/April - 
hoping for great relief.

I know that there are many people out there with unexplained health conditions.
Doctors can search, poke, prod, and medicate for years.
It doesn't hurt to try a diet change - it may be the key.

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