Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just a Little Effort

Do you ever have those little wake up calls in life?
Reality checks?
Subtle (or not-so-subtle) knocks upside the head?

There are constant news stories and coworker stories
of failing marriages.
Marriage takes work - and I want to fight for mine.

I got ready with hubby this morning.
That means that I had done my hair,
put on some makeup,
and was out of my workout attire
when he left for work.

My reality check?

He just kept staring at me.
He was full of complements (he is anyway, but more than usual).
He was ready to take me on a "date."

And I was reminded to just do the little things.
Combed hair -
vacuum lines on the carpet when he walks in at night -
a tidy place for him to study.

While it does not make sense to always be cleaned up before hubby leaves 
(usually a workout, some time in the garden, and housecleaning is beckoning),
I need to remember to put my best foot forward.
It takes nominal effort and very little time
to do a little extra for my appearance
to encourage my hubby
to keep our relationship strong
to show that he is worth the effort.

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