Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 x 3

Bathroom when we move in - hard to photograph the little closet bath,
but you can see the white tiles a little bit.

This weekend we completed a little task on the "homestead."
We had exactly enough leftover tiles from the main bathroom
to retile the master bath.
Just a small 5 x 3 floor.

The master bath was not an eyesore,
it was tiled with sticky tiles.
The problem was that the sticky tiles had cracks ...
that let water in.
When we removed the sticky tiles ...
Black Mold.
Water from the former shower door
and from the mess "when Murphy came to visit"
had created an unseen problem.

We bleached the wood,
scrubbed it,
and used a heat gun to dry it out.

Then on to the pretty new flour
all neatly grouted
and waterproof.

This weekend ...
if the weather cooperates ...
the back porch.

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