Monday, April 14, 2014

Murphy Comes to Visit: A Recipe for "Fun"

You know Murphy, right?
Murphy of "Murphy's Law?"
If something can go wrong it will (and on a Sunday)!

We have had a different week.
Hubby is home recuperating - which is different for both of us.
He is not used to being out of work for so long.
I am not used to having anyone at home during the day.

We also threw in some company this week - 
a visit from my eldest brother and his 2 children.
We happened to be along the path of a college tour.

They stopped in Tuesday night for an overnight ...
and Wednesday morning ...
I burned the biscuits and bacon.

They returned late Saturday night ...
and Sunday morning ...
our pipes backed up ...
the septic tank was full and would hold no more.

So Sunday, we spent the day at church,
slept in the church's prophet's chamber,
and they headed out this morning.

Not exactly a calm visit.
But ...
What a blessing to have help mopping water!
...To have help and advice from another homeowner!
... To have understanding guests who just "rolled" with it.

We are back in the trailer.
The tank was pumped this morning.
The trailer has been cleaned - 
extra bedding, mud and grass through the house, dirty showers and tub,
emptied cupboards to expose pipes, red clay covered clothes from crawling under the trailer.
Another blessing ...
the lot owners are reimbursing us for the cost of the work :)

Definitely a recipe for "fun."

So if you see any unfavorable reviews for the Bickish B&B ...
please be understanding ...
Murphy does not come to visit that often.

Weekly Menu Plan:
Monday: Mongolian Beef
Tuesday: White BBQ Chicken
Wednesday: Tilapia
Thursday: Firecracker Turkey Chili
Friday: Red Beans and Rice
Saturday: Greek Salad with Quinoa

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