Monday, April 7, 2014

Extra Nutrition

Well, the eating schedule was a little thrown off this week.
With hubby's recovery, I was looking for lighter meals while the body "woke up" from anesthesia.
What a blessing that last week's meal plan included both chicken and rice soup and tomato soup.

I also looked around for ways to get protein and gelatin into the diet.
Both items would help to promote healing and repair of muscles and nerves and the gelatin would reduce inflammation and start repairing the skin.

I made plenty of Jell-O (yeah, this is full of sugar, but I am working on replacing it with natural gelatin).
I threw plain gelatin into our protein smoothies.
I found this easy recipe for what some considered a "mousse" like dessert.
It was a nice change and took away the tartness of the Greek Yogurt.

Jell-O/Greek Yogurt Mousse

1 cup prepared gelatin/jello
1 cup unflavored Greek Yogurt

Throw ingredients in blender.
Blend until thoroughly mixed.
Place in refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

This week's menu plan:
Monday:  Hash Browns and Eggs
Tuesday: Baked Tomato Parsley Salmon
Wednesday: Pizza Casserole (a carryover from last week)
Thursday: Pork and Ginger Noodle Bowl
Friday:  Cheesy Tomato Bake
Saturday:  Chicken and Black Bean Soup

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