Thursday, April 10, 2014

Modern Medicine

I can't help but to be thankful for medical advances this week.
For the most part, I seek natural helps for life's ailments,
but there are some things that an herb just can not heal. :)

I am thankful for the care that hubby received last week at the outpatient pavillion.
Being in a small town, we were a little uncertain, but we received AWESOME care all around.
I am thankful for the knowledge that each care giver had.
I am thankful for the research that has been devoted to making life better.
I am thankful for the advances that have changed this surgery even over the past 15 years.

I am thankful for God's healing.
Man may possess tools and knowledge - but they are given to him by God.
The best surgeon's work is not guaranteed - God gives the body the ability to heal properly.
I am thankful for the body's amazing ability to repair itself.
I am thankful for hubby's improvement this week.

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