Tuesday, April 1, 2014

80 +

I am so thankful for the warmer temps.
It is definitely helping this week with the next phase of Spring Cleaning.

I fell a little behind last week - 
the blinds are always a real chore to me - 
but since I had announced to you all that I was doing them,
I finished them last night.

I did not finish one closet,
so that is still on the plan for this week.

The challenge is over,
but I found some things missing from my normal spring cleaning routines.
So ...
 this week,
I am laundering the bedding - 
cleaning out the file cabinet,
cleaning out the shed,
finishing the last closet.

I am glad for the 80+ weather.
I finished the master bedroom bedding yesterday,
the guest rooms this morning,
and hopefully the throw blankets from the living room this afternoon.

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