Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Out to the Shed

I did not get any pictures for this week's Tuesday Transformation.

The first transformation began when hubby caulked some seams on the trailer that were looking "not-so-good."
Of course, they could not be left as white stripes,
so I painted them to "match" the trailer yesterday.
Well, they don't exactly match, because the trailer has already faded in the sun,
but a total repaint will have to wait for cooler weather.
We were planning on a second coat this year anyway, so this will keep us on track.

The second transformation sent me to the shed.
It is the place that stores all our empty boxes, extra linens, tools, Christmas supplies ...
Every time we get a new box - the place becomes unruly.
So in I went.
Out came everything.
I vacuumed out the bugs and accumulated dirt.
Back in went those things that needed to go back ...
with a sizable pile for the dumpster.
Aah - that feels good ... if only for a day or two.

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