Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Improving the Staycation Experience

Welcome - Come Sit a Spell!

With busy schedules,
lack of time off,
limited day trip sites,
we often settle for staycations.

They may be a restful weekend or
they may be an short evening.
We have tried to make our home to be as comfortable
and stress-free as the best B&B.

We recently finished the back porch and we love the added outdoor space to enjoy.

The porch was a moldy, peeling mess ...
but now it is a fun, pretty place to spend an evening.
We pull out the folding camp chairs (hiding in the deck box) 
and enjoy a fruit smoothie, 
a warm Teeccino,
or a bowl of popcorn
as the sun sets.

We use the front when we are feeling like chatting with the neighbors who are walking in the evenings.
We use the back when we want a little more privacy.
The rails are made of metal conduit.
The post caps match the front as does the floor toner.

Solar lights on the posts.
Deck box holding 4 folding camp chairs.

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