Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Transforming the Unseen

We awoke to fall temperatures on Monday.
It was our first full day without the A/C.
With the windows wide open,
I knew it was time to start Fall Cleaning.

Monday, I cleaned the Master Bed and Bath.
Of course, my hair was the major problem in that area,
but I also got all the bedding and pillows cleaned.
I also tackled the laundry room.
I had not moved the washer and dryer since we moved in.
Two years was too long - Gross.

Today I tackled the kitchen and living room.
Nothing too surprising.

The transformation cannot really be seen,
but I "feel" the difference.
I breathe easier.
The clutter is back under control,
the dust is at bay ...
and if I need to move tomorrow :)
I won't be embarrassed when we pull the furniture and appliances away from the walls.

Tomorrow ...
the guest bath and bedrooms.

Next week ...
the closets.

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