Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Spiritual Health (and Yours, too)

Frequently, I look for ways to boost my physical health.
There are so many ideas.
So many different plans.
They all boil down to two elements.
Eat Right
Exercise Often

Maybe the eating recommendations are different - 
clean eating, calorie counting, paleo ...
Maybe the exercise is different -
pilates, cardio, strength, flexibility, Crossfit ...
More than one is usually required to be balanced.

There is no magic pill - no quick fix.
It takes discipline and hard work.
It is difficult at first,
but eventually it becomes habit
and a necessary part of each day.

My spiritual health is very similar.
There is no 1-2-3 ...
nothing that doesn't require discipline and self denial.

I need to eat right by studying the Word - 
Not extra "fluff" - not the words of others ...
I need exercise in the Word.
Reading, Memorizing, Meditating, Praying - 
All part of being balanced.
It is hard work.

But eventually it becomes habit,
and it becomes harder and harder to skip,
to cheat,
to go back to the "fluff" and garbage.

So how is my spiritual health today?
Have I eaten well?
Am I exercising and becoming stronger?
And you?

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