Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Outwardly Thankful

The fine line ...
difficult to walk sometimes.

I have thought much about the fine line between
seeming prideful and and seeming ungrateful.


You know when something good happens to you.
You go on vacation.
You receive an answer to prayer.
You find a great deal.

How do you walk the line?
The line between bragging and being thankful.

There is balance.

I know some people who  tend to play down everything good that happens.
It seems as if nothing good ever happens to them.
The problem lies when others realize that this just isn't true.
It then seems as though that person is never thankful.

I tend toward the unthankful side as well.
In an effort to avoid seeming prideful,
I fail to give God and others adequate thanks and praise.
This is part of the reasoning behind Thankful Thursday on the blog.
I hope it is a blessing to you,
and it reminds me to express thanks for all the many "tokens for good" in my life.

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