Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Forum: Unique Celebrations

If you have been reading this blog for long,
you know that one of my favorite celebrations is fast approaching.
On February 17,
hubby and I celebrate our own Donut Day.
It is the anniversary of our first date celebrated at a local Italian bakery ...
I chose a donut :)

I have tucked away some donuts for this year's celebration.
(If that sounds strange, gluten free donuts are often purchased frozen and stored in the freezer)

It is not overly unique, but ...
before Donut Day,
I enjoy sharing Valentine's Day with my nieces and nephews.
We celebrate in our various locations with trinkets and treats:)
It is a carry over from my days as a teacher, I suppose.

How about you?
Do you have any unique celebrations?
Care to share?


  1. When we arrived in Indiana it was difficult to celebrate our anniversary alone, so we began celebrating our anniversary with a long drive (with the children firmly buckled in and content) we could talk and enjoy a day together. Usually that drive ends up at a place that serves Ice Cream which all of us could enjoy. It is our anniversary Celebration.

    1. That sounds like a pleasant tradition. Nothing says celebration like Ice Cream (or in our case Frozen Yogurt)! You probably spend less on ice cream than you would on a sitter.