Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Forum: The Pastor's Wife

We moved to NC to study to enter the ministry.
While our situation still prohibits that today (at least in the way we thought),
I still believe that I may be a pastor's wife one day.

When we arrived in NC, I gathered advice from many pastor's wives ...
family members and those ministry wives we had met along the way.
I was given many ideas of things to read and learn and think through in preparation for the ministry.
I have worked on "ministry meals," flexibility, Sunday School curriculum ...
I continue to search for ways to better minister to others.
Yet, what should the character of a pastor's wife be?

While the Bible lays out twice the qualifications for a pastor,
I have heard many times that there are no qualifications for the pastor's wife in the Bible;
and besides, she is not the one who is hired by the church.

Hubby and I have hashed it out for our own benefit.
Our answer involves Proverbs 31 and Titus 2.
If the qualifications for a pastor are really just traits that all Christians should have,
but he is to be the example of these traits for the church;
should not the pastor's wife be the example of what every lady should be?

What do you think? 
Am I off target?

Does the Bible give any qualifications for a pastor's wife?

Because I know MANY pastor's wives,
I make a disclaimer that I value the role of the pastor's wife
and the difficulties in that role.
I am not seeking to belittle or point out any particular pastor's wife.
I ask this question for my own challenge and edification.

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