Thursday, January 2, 2014

Prayer Warriors

I am often brought to tears when someone reminds me that they are praying for me.
This is not the flippant saying,
but the heartfelt words that convey concern - 
concern that brings my needs before the Heavenly Father.
I can think of four specific people that have expressed such concern and love to me this year
(and I am sure that there are more.)

I am thankful for those who are prayer warriors on my behalf - 
those who seek to know my needs when I cannot even utter them.

One of my goals/resolutions in the new year
is to be more of a prayer warrior for others - 
to be specific,
to pray beyond the church prayer list,
to know people and their needs,
to pray earnestly for those needs,
to be an answer when I can.

Sometimes it is hard to be specific,
to carry the burdens of others.
Many times God has told me to put feet to my prayers.
Those feet might involve stretching myself.

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