Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blessing in Disguise

When we began the renovations on the exterior of the trailer,
I sat down and wrote blog entries for each activity ...
then I assigned them to a Tuesday throughout the month(s).
This Tuesday was supposed to show the front porch,
but we had some setbacks.

I thought that we had finished everything before the rain set in ...
but I did not know how rain affects new rope.

We had put in rope railing ... it looked beautiful, 
but ...
it shrunk in the rain this weekend.

With some late research we realized that we should have soaked the rope
and allowed for 8-10% shrinkage.

So where is the blessing?

We hung the rope railing,
but the rain prevented us from cutting and tying it off.

It shrunk and had to be removed,
but we still have the LONG, usable pieces of rope, rather than unusable pieces that had already been trimmed.
Also, it shrunk, but did not ruin or pull down the posts because it was not tied off and there was still some give.

So this week,
I am thankful for the rain ...
at the perfect time.
Rain to prevent a costly mistake.

The rope has now been soaked,
larger holes drilled in the posts ...
and we will be back in business soon.

Hopefully I can share my beautiful porch with you next Tuesday.

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