Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two are Better Than One

Are you curious about what started the exterior renovations?
Well - it was this hole under the front door.
Caused by a drip from a gutter,
onto a porch with no drainage,
leaking against a fiberboard siding.

You can see the remainder of a front porch here.
It seemed that there was no way to pick just one fix.
If we trimmed out the trailer, we needed to paint.
If we were to fix the rot, we needed to stop the leaks.
If we stopped the leaks, we also needed to repair the non draining porch.

One of the thing that we appreciate about our home is the gutters.
With the fiberboard siding, we want to keep it painted for protection
and keep as much moisture off of it as we can.

Gutters can also be a real hassle.
Hubby had tried to repair the dripping gutters using many avenues ...
new rivets, tar, rubber spray, silicone.
The silicone worked the best, but still not perfect.

As we researched replacing the gutters,
we found that one of the problems was that our nearly 80 foot trailer 
needed 2 downspouts per side - not 1!
Our gutters also did not "drop" like they should causing water to just sit ... and drip.

So down come the old aluminum gutters
and up with vinyl gutters complete with 2 downspouts per side.
So glad for the end of the "continual dripping."

You can catch a glimpse of the new paint color in the corner.
Hopefully I can reveal the "face lift" next Tuesday.
I am headed back up on the ladder today.
I am pretty sure that I will not finish again today ...
but I am getting closer.

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