Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just For Fun

During my many Pinterest searches for deck ideas,
I came across this cute lighting idea.

Just 4 lengths of landscaping timbers,
4 solar path lights,
and a little extra rope from the railing!
We haven't finished the rope railing, so the bottom does not have any rope trim - yet.

What started as one ... will become 3 light fixtures ...
We liked the first one so much that we cancelled the order for solar lighting for the deck posts
and will build 2 more timber lights :)
One will have 5 lights and the other will have 3.

They are movable ... (can you say lighting during a power outage)
the lights are easily replaced ...
and they add to the "dock" look of our NW deck.

The lights do not go on until about 9 during the summer,
so we don't enjoy them much now ...
but you know where you can find us this fall/winter.
Date Night at home!

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