Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Neat as a Pin

Our present home has fiberboard type siding.
One of the problems with this is that it is easily dented, marred, and torn.
It is a little like cardboard if not maintained -
it soaks up water and turns into a mess.
I am not sure how many moves our home has made to its present location,
but there is evidence to show that this is not its first lot.

To keep the bottom of the trailer from soaking up water and curling up ...
... and to tidy up the general appearance,
trim strips made of cement board were attached around the periphery.

Neat as a pin and hopefully long-lasting!

The gutters have been removed.
The facia at the top has been repainted.
The stripes above are sealed seams.
The discoloration are places that were wire brushed and then primed with "Peel Stop."
It is supposed to be beautiful today -
so I hope to get alot of priming done ... and hopefully a little bit of paint on as well.

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