Monday, October 27, 2014

Exciting Weekend

It has been a big weekend in Shelby.
Did you notice the ebook available on my sidebar?
We published the ebook on Saturday night.
I requested our proof of the print book this morning 
and hopefully by early December it too will be ready for distribution.

Why write books?

Hubby was encouraged to write as he went through Bible college.
In class after class, he was assigned reading from liberal commentaries and books
that belittled the text or caused doubts and confusion.
When he approached some of the teachers, he was told that there just were no conservative works.

Hubby writes because it organizes his thoughts before preaching a passage.

Hubby was encouraged to write because there are small churches looking for Sunday School material for godly men who just need a little help and direction.
In like fashion, there may be missionaries who need books for their institutes for training pastors and layworkers.

Some facts about the publications:

We are self publishing through
The ebook will be available on many sites (including Amazon) within 8 weeks.
The ebook is in "epub" format but a converter can be used to make it compatible with kindle.
We encourage purchase through lulu because they take the smallest "cut."
The print book will only be available on or through us directly.
For the most part, we will let lulu take care of things because they do print on demand,
but if in the early release time many folks show an interest, we will do a volume order at a discount and be able to pass it on to the readers.
For the book of Malachi, we intend to give complementary copies to many friends, family, some pastors, and some missionaries - this will give them an idea of hubby's style to know if future works would be beneficial to them.
A study in Romans is already in the proofing stage and should be available in early 2015.
A study in Daniel will be available in later 2015.


  1. Unsolicited review (partial review as I have only read the first chapter so far) - Well written commentary that is scholarly, but not academic. Chris shows an excellent understanding of the flow of scripture and Malachi's place in the whole context of God's Word. More than just an explanation of the text, each page is filled with encouragement to take the lessons God was giving his people and apply the timeless truths to our lives today.
    I look forward to my first edition paper copy that I can 'scribble' in, pass around to others, and enjoy the great feel of a paper book. Thanks for putting the work into putting this in print!

    1. Thanks for the unsolicited, though perhaps not impartial review. I have moved the comments to the site. You made your BIL's evening in that you nailed his purpose in preaching and writing. It is more than just talking about the text and standing in condemnation of the sins of the children of Israel - it is about seeing pride and arrogance in our own life and dealing with it.