Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Blessing Mobile

This should have been the post for last week,
but ...
I am still thankful this week.

I am thankful for our miracle car.

When we set out to move to WA in 2004,
hubby decided that we should be a one-car family.
We put both the Barbie car (a purple Neon) and the F-150 up for sale.
Which would sell first?  Who would give up their vehicle?
They both sold the same day!

We started searching for a car.
My dad always told me not to go car shopping when you were desperate.
We had sold both cars AND were moving to WA within 2 weeks.
I was nervous.

Our miracle sat on the Ford lot.
It was already one year old, but was still brand new.
It was a 5-speed ... my favorite.
It had no A/C.
It had an AM/FM Cassette player (easily remedied if was wanted).
and ... no one wanted it!

I believe that the dealer requested $12,000 for it.
Hubby offered $8.
They took it!

At the time, hubby trusted that it would take us to WA and get us through Bible College.
But here we are ...
we watched the odometer flip 2 Sundays ago.

This car has been a blessing.
Low maintenance.
Good gas mileage.
Now I have my eyes on 300,000.

I am also thankful that my hubby humors me and my blog.
We took an extra spin around the block so that I could have a picture right on 200,000!

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