Thursday, January 8, 2015


Knowledge is Power.
You have heard it, right?
I love knowledge.
I would still be in college today if time and income permitted.
I just love to learn things.
I am friends with my dictionary.
I use google regularly.
I am thankful for knowledge.

I was so excited when one of my survey companies offered me a product trial.
I love free paper towls, free tp, free shampoo ...
but this was even better.
A fitness tracker.

For one week I got to wear the Metria IH1.
It was a patch worn on the back of my arm.
At the end of the week,
I mailed the device back.
About a month later, I got to read my results online.

I learned how many calories I burn on a normal day.
I learned which of my exercises gave me the best bang for my effort.
I learned how well or how poorly I slept nightly.

The knowledge has helped me immensely.
I have calculated my daily calorie needs many times using online BMR calculators.
The calculations usually equal 1400 calories.
When trying to lose weight, I would just cut from that each day.
My Metria results showed me that my BMR (I looked at my Sunday reading)
is more like 2200 calories.

When I cut calories from 1400 I was actually losing weight, 
but also slowing my metabolism by cutting too many calories.
I can now "diet" with knowledge.

Do you have a fitness tracker?
Which one?  Fit Bit, Polar, Garmin?
Does it help you?

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