Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SAHW: Reason 3

"But what do you do all day?
I cannot imagine being home all day every day."

Early in my marriage I asked this question and gave this answer often.
How would I ever go from the teaching profession to a homemaker?

With every move or change in church, the question returns,
but God is faithful.

I am not home all day every day.
There are so many ministries in a small church that working men and busy moms just don't have time for.
There is office work, cleaning opportunities, music ministry, meals, visiting, driving, website upkeep ...
I have a home, yard, and garden to take care of.
I love having the time to create a peaceful space and then to enjoy that space in the evening with hubby.
I have unique ministries to my hubby - 
I never would have imagined that I would be editing and helping to publish books.

So on those days when I feel "bored,"
I have only to pray - to ask God to help me see the needs - 
to ask Him to help me to be willing and able to meet those needs - 
Needs and opportunities that I might be too tired to meet if I was devoting 8 hours to a job outside the home.

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