Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Step by Step

Step by Step and Board by Board ...
I plan to start my next house project today.
It may not be quick, but my goal is to do a little at a time.

The project:
the back porch.

Right now it is all white - and peeling.
The plan is the strip the white paint off the steps and floor and possibly top railing
and stain it brown - like the front porch.
Then we will freshen up what is left with white.
The baby steps include stripping one step or board each day.
I meant to start yesterday, and didn't, so I am going to do two steps today.

Some of the paint has already peeled,
but the rest needs some encouragement.

I found a homemade paint remover recipe online and I am going to give it a try.
Hopefully I can update positively later tonight.
If it works well, maybe I can up my daily goals.

Paint Remover
1 c water
4 Spoonfuls of Washing soda
enough flour to make a paste

Brush on - let sit 30 minutes - rinse and scrape as necessary.


I finished a little more than one stair.

I think the remover worked well - except for the temperatures here.
I combined the paint remover with a heat gun.
I had a little less time today than planned, so I will hit it more tomorrow.

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  1. I removed the white from all the front and side steps this morning. Even did all the steps at church. Of course, they'll probably need doing by later this afternoon again . . .