Monday, January 26, 2015

Start It Early

There is nothing like the feeling of Spring Cleaning.
I know ... I know ...
many of you are in the throws of winter,
but before too long (February 14) the garden will call me and the inside work will have to wait.
So I started some spring cleaning today.

I worked in the Master bed/bath today:
Pitched some clothes, some shoes, some old linens.
Cleaned away the dust bunnies.
Wiped down the walls.
Cleaned in cupboards and drawers.

I still need to wash the curtains and windows,
but I am excited that I tried a new recipe last week for cleaning mildew around the windows.

The recipe: tea tree oil and water

It worked really well and is supposed to kill the stuff.
I only did a little cleaning last week with the oil,
but I will be back to it this week.

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