Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Transformation with a Twist

Discipline is a constant struggle for me.
Figuring out a workable schedule in order to prioritize my responsibilities
is a constant battle.

I think that I have landed on a good schedule.
I want to put Bible reading first.
I want to prioritize my health and exercise.
I want to make sure that hubby gets a good breakfast and a satisfying lunch box each day.

The new schedule:
Hubby rises at 4:30 to exercise.
I get out of bed and make his smoothie minus the frozen pumpkin.
I hope back in bed to do my Bible reading and prayer.
Then when I hear the blender, I wrap up my time and head to my exercise from 5:30-6:30.
Then make lunch ...
then make breakfast and enjoy with hubby.

When hubby heads out the door,
my day is started right.
The Bible has not been crowded out.
My exercise is not interrupted.
On to the rest of the day.

I am sure I will still have my struggles with the schedule and discipline,
but for now ... it is working,
and I like it.

The transformation is in my day and my outlook.
I start right and it sets the tone for the day.

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