Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SAHW: Reason One

The Stay-at-home wife ...
a lost breed for many years,
but it appears to be making a comeback.
Why would someone choose to be a stay-at home wife?
Don't I get bored?

Perhaps you have never thought of it,
but some of my readers are my young nieces and nephews
as well as some of the college students in the area who are nearing the point of making such decisions.

I have to say,
that the decision seemed easy when I first made it.
I wanted to take Titus 2:5 literally to be a "keeper at home."
I also figured that within a year my family would grow.
I knew that I wanted to care for my own children.
But 12 years later, why?

One reason:

I want to be a full time helpmeet.
My hubby works very hard.
He fixes tractors.
He fixes our home.
He writes.
He preaches.

I stay at home to make his life easier.

His home can be calm and clean.
I have the energy to make breakfast, pack lunches, and cook dinner each night.
I am available when he needs me to run errands.
I am able to work with him on house and church projects.
I can research healthy living foods and exercises.
I have the energy to get up with him in the morning.
I can do many house projects and the yard work to free up more time for him.

There are many reasons why I take my job seriously.
I will share them with you over the next week.
I share for many reasons.
I want to encourage girls to make the decision to care for their homes.
I want to remind myself of the value of my work.
Thanks for letting me share with you.

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