Friday, May 15, 2015

Before and After

No - I am not posting weight loss pictures ...
or broadcasting the changes in my looks over 40 years.

I finally took my camera to church to take some after shots.

Here is before:

Here is after:

Psalm 89:7

"Pickling" stripped from pews and pulpit furniture - stained dark.
Brown carpet.

New Valances - two toned walls
Special project in entry hallway.
Sticky words on glass.

Bulletin board in entryway.

We got the vinyl letters from

They custom made the verses.
At the front of the church - 23" x 72" panel - cut apart for application - $74 less 20%
Special Project - 23" x 36" $34 less 20%
$7 shipping


  1. It all looks great! I especially like the scripture projects. :-)